Joint Symposium JS. 1 - Immunogenetics of Cancer
Joint Symposium with
the European Federation of Immunogenetics – EFI
Date & Time: TBA
Chairs: Lotte WIETEN, The Netherlands & Mirjam HEEMSKERK, The Netherlands
John TROWSDALE, United Kingdom
Immunogenetics of the MHC and NK Cell Receptors
Luca VAGO, Italy
Immunogenetics of Leukemia
Lotte WIETEN, The Netherlands
Immunogenetics of Cancer Therapy


Joint Symposium JS. 2 - Immunosensing and Antiviral Immunity
Joint Symposium with
the Japanese Society of Immunology – JSI
Date & Time: TBA
Chairs: Osamu TAKEUCHI, Japan & Cevayir COBAN, Tokyo
Kensuke MIYAKE, Japan
Nucleside-Sensing by Toll-like Receptor 7 and 8
Satoshi UEMATSU, Japan
Metagenome Data on Intestinal Phage-Bacteria Associations Aids the Development of Phage Therapy against Pathobionts
Osamu TAKEUCHI, Japan
Antiviral Immunity and Its Regulation by RNA Binding Proteins
Joint Symposium JS. 3 - Intercontinental T Cell Immunology
Joint Symposium of German Society of Immunology (DGFI) & Australian and New Zealand Society of Immunology (ASI) JSI
Date & Time: TBA
Chairs: Antje BLUMENTHAL, Australia & Christian KURTS, Germany
Tobias BALD, Germany
CD226 a Key Regulator of T Cell Funciton
Inken KELCH, New Zealand
Comprehensive 3D Imaging and Topological Mapping of
Lymphatic Labyrinths in Whole Lymph Nodes
Leif Erik SANDER, Germany
Immune Responses to Severe COVID-19
Daniel UTZSCHNEIDER, Australia
Targeting of Precursors of Exhausted T Cells to
Improve Immunity to Chronic Viral Infections and Cancer


Joint Symposium JS. 4 - Single Cell Rheumatology
Joint Symposium with the
European League Against Rheumatism (EULAR)
Date & Time: TBA
Chairs: Koen VONKEN, Belgium & Mariola KUROSWKA-STORLARSKAS, United Kingdom
Martin GUILLIAMS, Belgium
Novel Tools in Single Cell RNAseq to Unravel Immunobiology:
Zooming in on Macrophage Biology
Mariola KUROWSKA – Stolarska, United Kingdom
Delineating Macrophage Subsets by Single Cell
RNA Seq in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Chris BUCKLEY, United Kingdom
Fibroblast Subsets in Arthritis
Mir-Farzin MASHREGHI, Germany
Synovial T Cells in JIA
Joint Symposium JS. 5 - The Immune Challenge of COVID-19 Infection for Allergic Patients
Joint Symposium with the
European Academy of Allergy and Clinical Immunology – EAACI
Date & Time: TBA
Chairs: Aslı GELINCIK, Turkey & TBA
Cezmi AKDIS, Switzerland
The Immune Response to COVID-19 Infection and
to COVID-19 Vaccines in Type-2 Allergic Diseases
Ioana AGACHE, Romania
Biologicals for Allergic Diseases and Asthma,
COVID-19 Infection and COVID-19 Vaccines
Marek JUTEL, Poland
Allergen Immunotherapy,
COVID-19 Infection and COVID-19 Vaccines


Joint Symposium JS. 6 - Cytometry for Fighting COVID-19
Joint Symposium with the Internatioanl Society on Advancement of Cytometry – ISAC
Date & Time: TBA
Chairs: Andreas RADBRUCH, Germany & Jooni MOORE, USA 
Attila TARNOK, Germany Cytometry and ISAC: A Translational Approach to COVID                                  
Pratip CHATTOPADHYAY, USA High Parameter Immune Analysis of COVID-19 Patients to Identify Immune Correlates of Disease and New Therapeutic Opportunities
Jonathan IRISHI, USA T-REX: Machine Learning Reveals Virus-Specific Cells in Longitudinal Immune Monitoring Cytometry
Joint Symposium JS. 7 - Human Inborn Errors of Major Pathways in Immunology: Experiments of Nature
Joint Symposium with the European Society of Immunodeficiencies – ESID
Date & Time: TBA
Chairs: Isabelle MEYTS, Belgium & Yildiz CAMCIOGLU, Turkey
Anne PUEL, France
JAK-STAT Pathway: Overview and Inborn Errors
Fabio CANDOTTI, Switzerland
Cytoskeleton Dynamics and Related Inborn Errors
Yanick CROW, France
Type I Interferonopathies


Joint Symposium JS. 8 - Early Stage Career Russian Scientists Joint Session
Joint Symposium with the Russian Society of Immunology – RSI
Date & Time: TBA
Chairs: Winfried PICKL, Austria & Hannes STOCKINGER, Austria
Analysing the molecular IgE reactivity profile of Russia by microarray technology
Igor SHILOVSKI, Russia
Characterization of a B cell Epitope-Based Vaccine for Birch Pollen Allergy
Ksenja RIABOVA, Russia
Engineering of a Molecular Vaccine for Treatment of Cat and Dog Allergy
Alexandra NIKONOVA, Russia
The Role of Th1 and Th2 Immunity in Rhinovirus Infections
Maria BYAZROVA, Russia
Tracing Cells Producing Allergen-Specific IgE in Allergic Patients
Inna TULAEVA, Austria
Therapeutic Vaccination against Hepatitis B


Joint Symposium JS. 9 - Pearls of Russian Immunology
Joint Symposium with the Russian Society of Immunology – RSI and Russian Association of Allergy and Clinical Immunology – RAACI
Date & Time: September 3, 2021 / 14:30 – 15:45
Chairs: Alexander KARAULOV, Russia & Rudolf VALENTA, Austria
Musa KHAITOV, Russia
Alexander GABIBOV, Russia
The generation and screening of expanded repertoires,
the lesson of the analysis of big data
Sergei NEDOSPASOV, Russia
Deciphering cytokine functions through technologies of reverse genetics