Keynote Lecture 1 - Peter RATCLIFFE, United Kingdom
How Cells Sense and Respond to Oxygen Depletion
Chairs: Gunnur DENIZ, Turkey & Andreas RADBRUCH, Germany
Keynote Lecture 2 - Jules HOFFMANN, France
Story of How Innate Immune Cells Sense Danger and Respond to It
Chairs: Federica SALLUSTO, Switzerland & Ihsan GURSEL, Turkey


Keynote Lecture 3 - Cezmi AKDIS, Switzerland
Epithelial Barrier Hypothesis for the Origins of Allergic and Autoimmune Diseases

Chairs: Marieke van HAM, The Netherlands & TBA


Plenary Lecture 1 - Edit BUZAS, Hungary
Extracellular Vesicles in the Immune System
Chairs: Arne AKBAR, United Kingdom & Christine FALK, Germany


Plenary Lecture 2 - Janko NIKOLICH-ZUGICH, USA
Damage, Defense and Adaptation – How the Immune System Ages
Chairs: Djordje MILJKOVIC, Serbia & Clare BRYANT, United Kingdom


Plenary Lecture 3 - Federica SALLUSTO, Switzerland
Human T Cells in Health and Disease
Chairs: Silke APPEL, Norway & Pablo ENGEL, Spain


Plenary Lecture 4 - Joachim SCHULTZE, Germany
Single Cell Omics and a Pandemic: Did We Learn Something
that Helps Us for Other Diseases As Well?
Chairs: Luca VANNUCCI, Czech Republic & Irina UDALOVA, United Kingdom