Public Outreach

As the co-host of the 6th European Congress Immunology – ECI 2021, Turkish Society of Immunology aims to create awareness of the immune system as part of the congress public outreach program in this pandemic era when the importance of immunology has been greatly appreciated. A social responsibility project called “Let’s learn about our immunity” has been launched in 2021. Series of six animated videos with a simple language have been prepared to target particularly children to illustrate the immune system functions, responsibilities and the role of the immune system in our body and to explain its connection with certain diseases or disorders. These videos, prepared in Turkish and English, will appear in the Internet media, social media channels, state hospitals waiting areas as well as on screens in public transportation means in some cities in Turkey. Videos have also been shared with public health departments of some of the municipality governments as well as with various medical associations for them to share with general public through their social media accounts.

These videos have also been translated by the Serbian Immunological Society (ISoS) and used as a public awareness tool in Serbia in various platforms. 

You may view the videos here:
For English:
For Turkish:
For Serbian: