The Sixth European Congress of Immunology that will be held in September 1-4,2021 (6th ECI 2021) will cover all fields of basic and applied immunology, ranging from innate to adaptive to omics aided big data mining of forward genetics and vaccination as well as mechanistic regulation of memory generation and tissue specific instruction of T- and B- cell differentiation through the 4-track program. Four tracks will be dedicated to “Cellular Immunology”, “Molecular Immunology“, “Diseases and Immune Response” and “Innovative Technologies and Immunotherapies”.

Throughout the ECI 2021 Congress the Organizers will put special emphasis to discuss the molecular and cellular basis of autoinflammatory/autoimmune diseases as well as neuroimmune and allergic and newly emerging orphan diseases along with cancer, reemerging infectious and neglected diseases. Moreover, we will specially dedicate sessions to the etiology of primary and secondary immunodeficiency diseases/disorders. Innovative research including association of artificial Intelligence in biomedical investigations, more effective immune interventions and theranostic approaches in the field of cancer, vaccination, autoimmunity, allergy and immunodeficiency will be given a prominent place. Throughout the ECI 2021 special sessions will stage new and breakthrough discoveries in basic and applied immunology that holds diagnostic and therapeutic potential.

Special sessions will highlight technological advances and innovations in immunological and biomedical research including but not limited to genome editing, phenotyping; antibody technologies; probe-based tracing; such as cellular or subcellular bioimaging and omics quantification approaches; such as proteomics, metabolomics and genetic profiling; animal models and mutagenesis; DNA/RNA targeting and silencing technologies will be highlighted during ECI 2021. These will be designed and offered in close cooperation with partners from industry. There will be ample space for company-sponsored symposia allowing to feature specific aspects of immunology and biomedical research at large.

The scientific program will offer 10 main and 20 regular symposia and several plenary sessions staged by world-renowned immunologists and clinicians in addition to joint symposia with guest societies. Additionally, more than 300 oral short presentations sessions, selected from submitted abstracts, will be available. Lastly, during ECI 2021, several poster sessions and guided poster tours will enable interaction of early career researchers with senior investigators and exchange their data, new ideas and share experiences as well as one-on-one networking within our global immunology community.