Session Type Descriptions

Invited Program

Keynote Lectures
The keynote lectures are the most prestigious sessions of the congress. There will be three keynote lecturers of which two are Nobel Laureates. Keynote lectures are scheduled on opening and closing days of the congress. See all keynote lectures here.

Plenary Lectures
There are four plenary lectures in ECI 20121. Plenary lecturers are among the most renowned in their field of expertise.

Main and Regular Symposia
The symposia are part of the 4-track program and are state-of the art educational sessions in which invited speakers share their latest research findings on a given topic. There will be 10 main and 20 regular symposia sessions. See all symposia here.

Joint Symposia
Joint symposia are sessions in which the EFIS joins forces with other international scientific societies to facilitate knowledge and experience transfer and bring researchers from related disciplines and/or different continents together. It is a great networking opportunity and valuable contribution to the main scientific program. There will be 10 different scientific and geographical guest societies joining ECI 2021. See all joint symposia here.

EFIS President’s Symposium
The EFIS President`s Symposium is a newly introduced format which will draw the attention to the research area of the current EFIS president. See the EFIS President’s Symposium here. 

Women and Men in Immunology
Since 2015, ECI holds a special session entitled “Women and Men in Immunology” to discuss gender inequality issues in the immunology field and in academia in general. Upon formation of the EFIS Diversity Task Force, this year “Women and Men in Immunology” session is organized together with this task force and will focus on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic on the women immunologists. We hope to combine science, advocacy and prizes in this special session which will include a brief prize ceremony followed by a reception at the end. See all symposia here.

yEFIS – Young EFIS Task Force Symposium
yEFIS session is a brand new session launching for the first time at ECI 2021. It is organized and coordinated by the yEFIS Task Force, a group working to bring together all early career scientists in the field of immunology, to build an effective network within Europe.  See the yEFIS Symposium here.

Pre-Congress Educational Courses
ECI 2021 offers half day courses / educational sessions on related topics. These are “open” meetings being of interest to the general ECI audience, scheduled on August 31st or in the morning of September 1st.  See the list of all course here.


Submitted Program    

Bright Sparks Workshops
The most notable and exciting work from abstracts submitted to the congress by early career scientists will be honored with an oral presentation in one of the Bright Sparks Workshops. Presenters are expected to explain their work and answer questions from the audience. The awardees for the Biolegend Bright Sparks Awards will be chosen from those presentations. 

The most notable and exciting work from all abstracts submitted to the congress will be honored with an oral presentation in these sessions. Presenters are expected to explain their work and answer questions from the audience. 

Guided Poster Session
Poster sessions have always been the major scientific presentations of the meeting since the majority of congress attendees present a poster showing data and progress with their research. Poster sessions offer a great opportunity to network for people interested in particular research topics.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, guided poster session format is not yet determined. A detailed information will be available later.


Sponsored Program

Industry Sponsored (Lunch / Evening) Symposia
Industry Sponsored Symposia are organized by the corporate sponsors of the Congress and are approved by the Scientific Program Committee. The content of the presentations are sponsor company’s responsibility. ECI Organizers does not endorse any of the content of these symposia. See a list of industry sponsored symposia here.


Other Meetings

Satellite Meetings
Satellite meetings are organized by individuals and/or scientific associations and must conform to established criteria if they are to be associated with the ECI 2021. Approval of the ECI 2021 Scientific Committee is required for a meeting to be granted satellite status. See the list of all satellite meetings here.

Business & Ancillary Meetings
Business Meetings of scientific associations (e.g. general assemblies, board meetings) are generally meetings open to a designated group of people and are mostly on invitation only. Business Meetings of scientific associations in conjunction with the ECI 2018 can be held during the congress opening hours as preferred by the respective organizer(s).

Please note that all participants of business meetings must also be registered participants of the ECI 2018 as there will be a centrally located access control. See the list of all Business and Ancillary Meetings here.